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I’m truly sorry for the huge lack of updates, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve updated the gallery with tons of pictures of Leigh-Anne from August to December 2023.

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Tonight (6th of August) the 2023 GRM Gala takes place at Sky Garden in London, England and our Leigh is attending the big event. Find the first HQs in the gallery. As soon (if) some more pictures come out I’ll make sure to add them asap.

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This Wednesday 26 July, ‘Don’t Say Love’ singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Buckinghamshire New University (BNU). The Doctorate marks the star’s successful musical career and active campaigning for racial equality and anti-racism, especially through her work as co-founder of The Black Fund charity.

Returning to her hometown of High Wycombe to collect her Honorary Doctorate, where BNU’s principal campus is located, Leigh-Anne took to the stage with hundreds of graduating BNU students collecting their own degrees alongside her.

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Speaking about the award Leigh-Anne said “Growing up I must have walked past BNU’s High Wycombe campus a million times, curious about what was being studied and taught there. But in all that time I never imagined I’d be stood here today with an Honorary Doctorate in the Arts. It’s such a privilege to be recognised by such a credible, creative, and supportive university so I am extremely happy and proud to be here today.

She continued “In many ways my story is one that I think mirrors many of the student’s experiences here today. It’s a story of a woman who had a passion, who had a goal that she thought might just be achievable. But it’s also a story of a woman who thanks to the support of her mentors and believers (such as BNU’s Chancellor Jay Blades) along with a LOT of hard work and dedication, eventually got where she wanted to be. And while I am blessed to have had a successful recording career, it is so rewarding that it’s my work as a campaigner for racial equality and anti-racism that is being recognised today. Alongside my music, this is a role that becomes more important to me every single day.” 

She concludes “The same could be true of all students graduating here this week too. Whether their goal is to succeed in the performing arts, design, nursing, aviation, business or law, the most important thing you can do is believe in yourself and surround yourself with others who believe in you too. Because, with a lot of work, and perhaps a little bit of luck, your goals are achievable too.”

Leigh-Anne collected her Doctorate in the company of her ex-mentor and Black Fund Trustee Jay Blades MBE, who was attending the ceremony in his formal capacity as Chancellor of Buckinghamshire New University for the first time since he took on the role in March 2023.

Leigh-Anne has known Jay Blades for almost twenty years, crediting him as her ‘mentor’ through her teenage years in High Wycombe and speaking about Leigh-Anne’s latest achievement he said: “Leigh-Anne couldn’t deserve this more. Not only is she an incredible talent, but she also uses her platform for the good of society and has never forgotten her roots. I am so proud of all that she’s achieved and was thrilled to be here today to see her recognised for her work. I mentor a few people so this is definitely a real full-circle moment for the both of us.”

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Leigh-Ann Pinnock’s charity The Black Fund offers young people opportunities, access, work and experience, with a focus on the creative industry. BNU reflects this by delivering a range of courses across art, performance, design and the creative industries.

Explaining why Leigh-Anne was chosen for this special honour, Professor Nick Braisby, Vice Chancellor of Buckinghamshire New University Vice-Chancellor of Buckinghamshire New University said “Today BNU has celebrated Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s remarkable achievements and her embodiment of the values of equality, community, and compassion, values that reflect what we represent here at Buckinghamshire New University.

“She reminds us that our voices matter and that we have the power to create positive change in our communities. Her journey serves as an inspiring example for our students and the wider community, encouraging us to pursue passions, challenge societal norms, and effect meaningful change.”

“By embracing Leigh-Anne’s story, BNU reaffirms its commitment to nurturing future generations of compassionate leaders who will shape a more inclusive and equitable world. We look forward to learning from Leigh-Anne and working with her to drive this important work forward.”

Topping off Leigh-Anne’s special day at BNU, on arrival at the High Wycombe campus she was welcomed by a flash mob of the University’s Dance and Performance students who presented a routine to Leigh-Anne’s new single ‘Don’t Say Love’.  Jess Bradbury, Vice-President of Bucks Students’ Union and choreographer said: “We wanted to give Leigh-Anne the welcome to BNU she deserved. She is an inspiration to all of us here both as a performer and activist for social causes and we are delighted to see the University recognise her in this way. And if she ever feels like coming back to perform with us or even for one evening at our award-winning Students’ Union, our stage is all hers for the taking!

Source: Buckinghamshire New University

Leigh-Anne was seen attending the British Vogue x Self Portrait Summer Party in London on Thursday (13th of July) looking absoloutly gorgeous. 90’s vibes everywhere.

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While Leigh-Anne was in the US to promote her single Don’t Say Love she was photographed by Suvy on various occasions. I’ve added these 10 photoshoot pictures to the gallery.

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During a little US promo for Don’t Say Love Leigh-Anne also stopped by the 2023 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California on Sunday (25th of June). Besides some photoshoot pictures by Julian Dakdouk were also added.

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Enjoy a little interview of Leigh-Anne with MTV about Don’t Say Love, the upcoming album and much more.

It’s finally out! Don’t Say Love is finally released and Leigh-Anne threw a big launch party in London to celebrate the launch of her debut single. The following days she was seen doing some press tour at british radio stations.

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Our happy little bean was seen out in London yesterday (13th of June) and today (14th of June) to promote her upcoming single Don’t Say Love. Lots of candids can be found in the gallery already. As soon as interviews and more are online I’ll make sure to share them.

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock is feeling the pressure right now. The former Little Mix member is sitting with her hands clutched in an all black lace-and-leather look inside a meeting room at Vogue House, ready to reveal all about her very first solo project “Don’t Say Love”. “Everyone’s so excited to see what we’re going to do, what sound…” she says. “What if I disappoint?”

The 31-year-old does have quite the legacy to follow up. Until 2022, she was one quarter of Little Mix: the X Factor-winning girl band that achieved five Number 1 singles and a Number 1 album and finished their run with a history-making win as the first female band to win a Brit Award for Best Group.

“We smashed it as a band. We did so blooming well,” the High Wycombe-born, Surrey-residing star, and now mother to twins says of that time. Now, though, it’s all about her. Working on her first solo album in her Jamaican home was “such a liberating feeling because you don’t have to compromise.” In a group, there’s a lot of that. Not every song suits every voice, plus “all of us have to agree on what we were saying,” she explains. “Now it’s so amazing for us, because we can literally just say whatever we want straight from the heart.”

For Pinnock that means opening up about the tough side of being in a band: the comparisons, particularly as the only Black member of the group. As she discusses in her documentary, Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power, “I was living in a very white world for most of my career,” she says.

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“The pop industry is very white, we did have a predominately white fan base. It took me so long to understand why I was feeling so undervalued. I just blamed myself. My family would be like, ‘Oh, Leigh, you’re getting the same money. It’s fine.’ I just couldn’t accept that.” A tour stop in Brazil, where Black fans told her how big an impact she had had on them, changed her life. “Fans were chanting my name – I’ve never had a response like that and we’d been in the group for nine years,” she says.

This new record – which mixes R&B, amapiano, garage, and afrobeats into pop – gets into rediscovering her confidence, solo. One song, “I Did That”, reflects on her accomplishments. “I had these incredible girls around me, holding me and even though sometimes they might not have understood, they still had me,” she says, her voice wobbling as she tears up. “Oh, here she goes again getting upset, I knew it was going to happen!” The album will also discuss the trials and tribulation of motherhood and her relationship with Andre Gray. “Things aren’t perfect, and I get a bit deep with that.” But, building this family has grounded her. “It puts it all into perspective and changes you. Things don’t phase me as much, in a good way,” she smiles. “Now I feel so resilient.”

Leigh-Anne dropped her last name for her solo career and announced her first single Don’t Say Love as debut lead single of her debut album. The song is part of the pop genre and will be about 3 minutes long. The single will be released next Friday (16th of June) on all known platforms. Pre-save the song now.

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